• KEI-RSOS secures two oil and gas blocks in KG Basin

    KEI-RSOS Petroleum & Energy, which currently operates five marginal gas fields in the KG Basin and markets the gas to industries, announced securing two oil and gas blocks in the KG Basin from the union petroleum and natural gas ministry.

    The allotment of these blocks was part of the discovered small fields in global bids where the bid rounds were launched in May last year and blocks were allot ted under revenue sharing model last week. The two blocks allotted to the company together hold reserves of over 1,400 million barrels of oil and 35,000 million standard cubic feet of gas.

    KEI-RSOS Petroleum is jointly owned by Lt Murthy Jasti of the River Bay group of Rajahmundry and KEI group owned by Anil and Shobhana Kamineni of the Apollo Hospitals promoters’ family. The JV firm proposes Rs 200 crores to invest around over the next two years to exploit reserves from these blocks.  Derek MacKenzie Authentic Jersey

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