• India map wrongly depicted in annual diary of ONGC’s overseas arm

    In an embarrassment to state-owned ONGC Videsh, an annual diary distributed by the company had to be withdrawn after wrongly depicting the map of India. The “inadvertent error” meant all 2,100 copies had to be recalled after being distributed to employees and others.

    The diary contained a small map that depicted ONGC Videsh operations around the world in its introductory pages. However, it did not correctly outline the state of Jammu and Kashmir as public domain images from the Internet were used. Officials described the error as an act of omission and said that immediate steps were taken to ensure all published copies were withdrawn.

    “One of the pictorial representations showed the world map pinpointing regions where ONGC Videsh had its presence,” an ONGC spokesperson told ET. “The erroneous map was noticed and the diary was withdrawn immediately. The error was inadvertent and an act of omission and insufficient proofreading, caused due to usage of public domain pictorial representations.”

    The withdrawal took place within a few days of the diary being issued after the error was discovered. Some of the copies were sent back by officials who were posted abroad.

    India views what it considers to be erroneous map depictions seriously and, for instance, seizes copies of magazines that contain these unless stamped with a disclaimer.

    ONGC Videsh is the overseas arm of the Oil and Natural Gas Corp with a presence in 17 countries including Vietnam, Russia, Venezuela and New Zealand. It has 37 oil and gas assets at locations across the world.  Latavius Murray Womens Jersey

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