• In a big infrastructure boost, 871 km of the Brahmaputra in Assam to be dredged

    In a bid to further give a boost to development in Assam, a total of 871 km of the mighty Brahmaputra in Assam will be dredged. It is learnt that the Centre will bear the expenditure. A senior official of the Inland Water Transport department said that a survey of 300 km of the Brahmaputra has been completed so far by the state PWD department for dredging of the river, said while participating in an All India Radio News talk show last night.BD Choudhury said help of experts will be taken for the dredging. The Inland Water Transport director said the dredging will bring opportunities to Assam as the state will get access to Chittagong port in Bangladesh benefiting 54 lakh people in the state involved in the water transport system, besides tourism getting a boost through improved water transport system.He said water taxi service will be introduced in Guwahati this year and the World Bank has sanctioned Rs 1000 crore for the development of Inland water transport in Assam. An expressway will be constructed along the river after dredging, Choudhury added.Dredging would primarily emphasize on erosion control, sediment management, and flood control and the whole process would be carried out in line with the hydrological character of the Brahmaputra, the statement said. Considering the annual silt load of Brahmaputra, water carrying capacity of the river has been reduced to an extent causing floods in the state when there was incessant rains.Dredging is very important and look what happened in Kashmir because Jhelum was not dredged properly. But, in cases where engineering science needs to be applied, dredging becomes important as without the application of dredging one will not be able to channelize the construction of the requisite edifices properly. Only by making adequate and correct usage of dredging tools and by dredging the right amount of underwater silt and compositions, have a lot of excellent constructions been done so as to be marveled by people across the world. Pedro Martinez Womens Jersey

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