Haryana Cabinet on Thursday approved the draft of the Road Infrastructure Protection Act, 2017 for protection of roads constructed and maintained by Haryana Public Works (Building and Roads) Department, except National Highways declared under National Highway Act, 1956.

    At present, to protect the National Highways from deliberate damage, the National Highway Act, 1956 exists.

    Under the new Act, the roads constructed by the Public Works (Building and Roads) Department would be protected from illegal encroachments and damaged by individuals or community, said an official spokesman.

    He said that it has been observed that the State Government is spending a good part of its budget to improve the road infrastructure, but the same was negated by illegal encroachments and damaging activities carried out on the roads, which was a matter of serious concern. The issue was worsening day by day and remains unabated.

    The Act would provide clearly defined rules and regulations to be followed by competent authority and would help in implementation of a systematic approach for better utilisation and management of road infrastructure and enhancement of security, said he.

    The roads to be covered under the Act would include state highways, major district roads, ther district roads, any other road, paths and streets for transport or communication. It will not only include all types of roads, but also their structures. Vontaze Burfict Jersey

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