• Govt says renewable energy capacity grew 26 per ccent in Apr-Jan

    Generation of renewable energy grew 26 per cent in Apr-Jan 2017 as compared to that of previous corresponding period.

    Generation of power from renewable sources grew to 55,518.3 units in Apr-Jan as against 70,129.15 units during the same period last year.

    “Strong focus on renewables is driving up total electricity generation figures. In 2017 alone, for Apr-Jan 17, electricity generation growth was 5.04 per cent excluding generation from renewable sources. However, if renewable generation is included then total generation for the same period became 6.25 per cent,” the government said in a release.

    During the same period, generation from conventional sources grew over 5 per cent to 922,299.71 units from 968,780.44 units a year back.

    Conventional sources of energy account for over 70 per cent of India’s current energy mix.

    In February alone, generation from conventional sources of energy stood at 3.57 per cent.

    “February 2016 was a leap year with 29 days and February 2017 had only 28 days. The extra generation of 1 day in February 2016 affected the February 2017 figure by 3.57 per cent. Had February 2017 also had 1 extra day the increase in electricity generation from conventional sources would have been 3.52 per cent,” the release said.

    The government wants to take up the renewable energy capacity of the country to 175 Gigawatts by 2022 with solar alone accounting for 1 GW. Boog Powell Jersey

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