• Good-bye Russia. India’s aerospace industry chooses Ukraine

    Ukraine is doing more than USD 100 million in annual defense business with India, and aims to increase it to USD 500 million in the next three years

    A sensational event for both Ukraine and the world happened in India but it was unfortunately by-passed in the headlines of the Ukrainian press. Despite this fact, during the Defexpo India 2016 in Goa the country’s ministry of defence along with several companies signed more than a dozen memorandums for the manufacturing of 500 transport planes as well as the supply of gas turbines for Indian warships. This took place in light of the previously frozen joint project with Russia about the development of a transport warplane Multi-role Transport Aircraft (MTA) and the rejection from the Russian side to service the ships.

    The Defexpo India 2016 theme covers the manufacturing and development of weapons for ground forces and army naval forces, including air defence, army aviation as well as dual-use products.

    The exhibition is pivotal for the whole of South and Southeast Asia. It is held every two years and this was the ninth exhibition to date. More than 600 companies from around the world take part in the exhibit. The Defexpo India 2016 display area is about 40 thousand square metres. 

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