• Give-it-Up: Over 1 crore LPG users gave up their subsidies

    More than 1 crore LPG consumers have given up their cooking gas subsidies in one year since Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a call to the well-heeled to give up the same.

    Since Modi made the appeal in March last year, 1,00,06,303 LPG consumers have stopped using subsidised cooking gas, helping the exchequer save a few thousand crores of rupees in doles, oil ministry officials said.

    Consumers are currently entitled to 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg each or 34 bottles of 5 kg each in a year at subsidised rates. A subsidised 14.2-kg cylinder is currently available at Rs 419.13 per bottle in Delhi while the 5-kg pack costs Rs 155.

    Market-priced LPG is available at Rs 509.50 per 14.2-kg cylinder. Giving up subsidised LPG will help cut the government’s subsidy bill, which was at Rs 30,000 crore on the fuel last fiscal.

    Those who have decided to give up their subsidies have to buy the product at the market price.

    The surrendered subsidy is used by the government to provide cooking gas connection to the poor in rural households free of cost, the official said.

    On March 27, Modi had officially launched the ‘Give-it-Up’ campaign, urging the well-off to surrender their LPG subsidy so that it can be targeted for the needy. The aim is also to bring down the country’s dependence on energy imports by 10 per cent by 2022.

    The country has 15.34 crore LPG connections, of which 1 crore have now given up subsidies.

    LPG subsidy is transferred to beneficiaries directly in their bank accounts in advance.

    “Gas cylinders surrendered by them would be transferred to the poor who use wood for cooking. If one crore people give up their LPG subsidy, one crore poor people will benefit as they will be given new LPG cylinders instead,” he had said.

    Consumers can opt out of the subsidy by submitting written request to the distributor or electronically at mylpg.in. 

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