• Get mini gas cylinders via supermarkets soon

    Targeting the city’s floating population, Indane plans to introduce small 5 kg liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders through supermarkets and malls. A customer who wants a new small-size cooking gas cylinder will have to pay Rs. 1,018, excluding the safety hose and regulator. Of the total price of Rs. 1,018, Rs. 700 would go towards the cost of the cylinder and Rs. 318 for refill, explained a source from the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC), which owns the brand.

    Indane had launched these cylinders in 2013 and they were made available through company-operated fuel outlets and gas agencies. However, the scheme failed to take off at fuel outlets. “This time, we are reaching out to the consumers. The price of the cylinder has also been reduced from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 700. The connections would be made available over the counter. Consumers can produce any government-approved ID proof and purchase the cylinders. Residential proof is not necessary,” explained a source.

    Target customers

    Since the cylinders are targeted at people who are not permanent residents of the city, there is a ‘buy back’ offer whereby consumers can return the cylinder and get Rs. 500 for it, he added.

    However, distributors said the 5 kg cylinders were already available over the counter and were being opted for by roadside vendors and those residing in places like East Coast Road where there are no gas agencies nearby. “These are cash and carry options… there is no home delivery,” said a distributor. Meanwhile, a press release from the All India LPG Distributors Federation sought to reassure consumers that they need not worry about a strike from November 15 that has been called by another association as it does not have any presence in Tamil Nadu. Ron Hainsey Womens Jersey

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