• Few officers can’t take decision of smart city in Bhopal: BJP minister

    State higher education minister and BJP MLA from Bhopal (south west) Umashankar Gupta has said that there was no blueprint for the smart city project in Shivaji Nagar.

    Talking to TOI, Gupta said, “Some officers cannot take decisions of cutting trees and displacing people. The final decision will be taken by people’s representatives.” A major portion of his constituency will be disturbed in the proposed smart city plan.

    He said, “The blueprint for the smart city is not yet ready. Few officers of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) cannot decide how many trees are to be uprooted and how many houses are to be demolished.” Gupta said the only thing that has been finalised is that the smart city will be developed at Shivaji Nagar. “We have clarified that nobody would be removed without rehabilitation. We have asked the officials to bring their plan. We want them to come up with the details,” he said.

    Gupta said the chief minister has also spoken on the similar lines. The CM also wants the people to comment on it.

    “I am MLA of the area. Smart city will not be built for gloom. It will be built for happiness.” Political pundits attribute Gupta’s utterances to the fact that in the present state of affairs, his constituency will be affected badly and he may have to face voters’ ire in the next elections. Jermey Parnell Authentic Jersey

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