• Enough transmission capacity till 2022: CEA

    India will not need power transmission projects in addition to the already planned capacity till 2021-22, a report by power sector planner Central Electricity Authority (CEA) said, citing low electricity consumption, delay in development of proposed power generation plants and high growth in power transmission capacity.

    A senior CEA official said while the country has over achieved transmission system capacity addition targets, some power generation projects have got stuck on account of various factors including shortage of finance and lack of demand for electricity from distribution utilities.

    “From system studies, it was observed that the already planned transmission corridors towards SR (southern region) and NR (northern region) are sufficient to cater to the assessed import requirement of SR/NR for year 2021-22 under base as well as N-1 contingency conditions,” CEA said in the draft national electricity plan for transmission.

    It is estimated that an expenditure of Rs 260,000 crore would be carried out during 2017-22 for addition to transmission system capacity. CEA said that the already planned transmission corridors between various regions is sufficient to tackle variations in generation from wind and solar power plants. Marc Staal Jersey

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