• Digital energy cluster to attract global energy players to SmartCity Kochi

    The digital energy cluster, coming up as part of SmartCity Kochi, will be the first-of-its-kind in India as it will help harness affordable energy for generations.

    The cluster will comprise industries that will develop clean energy technology for the energy industry domain and technical training centres. It will provide facilities like digital technology labs, testing centres, technology and services hosting infrastructure and remote operations support, like Cloud, infrastructure services, engineering services and supply chain management among others. It will also consist of remote real time operations support centre for global energy giants.

    The digital energy cluster, to be established by KenCel Infratech Pvt ltd formed by Texas based technology company along with a leading Indian builder, will come up in 4.37 acres with an area of 7.61 lakh sq ft.

    It is expected to attract major international players of the energy sector and will open up avenues of high-end and highly skilled job opportunities for about 10,000 skilled professionals. The prospective global clients will be oil and gas operators, petroleum and energy related companies, renewable energy leaders and technology providers, thereby making it a unique IT-energy zone inside SmartCity.

    “The combined strength and expertise of global leaders of energy industry including renewable energy and information technology, coupled with excellent trainable talents available in Kerala will bring a new trend in development and specialization and thus open gates to world renowned companies in the energy industry to Kochi,” said Dr. Baju George, CEO SmartCity Kochi. Jason Pierre-Paul Womens Jersey

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