• Demonetisation: Power distribution companies’ coffers swell with old currency

    It is a win-win for the electricity department here because of the demonetisation. Since the defunct 500- and 1,000-rupee notes are acceptable until November 24, the power discom is receiving the maximum dues from defaulters. The officials claimed that the number of consumers who have cleared their dues has increased by 20% in the past one week.

    “There are 40,838 defaulters in the Ghaziabad zone and during the ongoing demonetisation exercise, we are exhorting them to pay off their dues in old currency notes,” said S K Gupta, chief engineer, PVVNL. “The offer is valid until November 24 and in four days we hope to draw in as many defaulters as possible,”Gupta said.

    “The power dues amount to Rs 509 crore and if these consumers miss out on this we will issue pink slips to them, which will result in automatic power disconnection,” he said.

    The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC), meanwhile, has announced the acceptance of defunct currency for paying house tax. “In keeping with a government order, the GMC will accept old currency notes from house tax payers till November 22 and we are requesting residents to make good use of the opportunity,” said D K Sinha, Ghaziabad additional municipal commissioner.

    “Going by data available with us, we have collected house tax to the tune of Rs 2.5 crore in old currency notes in the past four days and we hope more people will avail themselves of this opportunity,” Sinha said.

    As for point-of-sale (POS) swipe facility at petrol pumps in Ghaziabad, the petrol pump officials are at a loss. They are neither aware of all the relevant details on the government’s announcement regarding the POS scheme nor are the new currency notes available with them.

    “People are already throinging our petrol pumps to enquire about this scheme and we are turning them away politely,” said N K Garg, who owns a petrol pump near Meerut Mor. “The biggest problem is scarcity of cash and no arrangements have been made so far for implementation of the scheme ” he added.For a person wanting daily amenities, this note is redundant. Introduction of lower denomination notes would have addressed the residents’ needs Darnell Nurse Authentic Jersey

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