• Civil Aviation Ministry Gives Push to Executive Development for the Aviation Sector

    The first Executive Development Programme of Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University was inaugurated by the Minister for Civil Aviation Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju in the capital today. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that the Aviation University should play the important role of spreading knowledge and see that it is applied practically in the growth of the Aviation sector. Shri Raju pointed out that skill development was a key of the growth of the Aviation sector which is likely to see an increase in demand for skilled workers in the years to come . He also asked the University to co-ordinate its activities with the Aviation Academy.

    The Minister of State for Civil Aviation Shri Jayant Sinha said that to have better infrastructure and transportation facilities in the country, it was necessary to close the gap of increasing demand for trained and skilled people in the Aviation sector. In the present scenario people are looking for jobs and airlines are looking for trained persons, he added. Shri Jayant Sinha also advised the university to be innovative and include research programmes.

    Secretary for Ministry of Civil Aviation, Shri R.N. Choubey said that the Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University should not only organize training courses but also act as a think tank for the Aviation sector.

    The Vice Chancellor of the University Shri Nalin Tandon in his welcome address said that the Executive Development Programme and Management Development Programme had been structured after conducting detailed workshops with the industry and other stakeholders. He informed that the first Executive Development Programme on Aviation Management is being conducted by the University in collaboration with Indo US – American Cooperation Program. The programme is being attended by senior leadership from the Indian aviation sector to include air operators, airport operators, ancillary service providers and regulatory authorities.

    India is on the cusp of exponential growth in the aviation sector and a critical need was felt for India to invest in research and innovation in the aviation milieu in order to ensure that the growth is protected and to develop into a global aviation hub. The establishment of Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University is therefore a step by the Ministry of Civil Aviation towards promoting this growth on a sustainable basis and building a foundation on which India’s aviation sector shall be showcased to the rest of the world.

    Key learning outcomes from premier Indian institutions have been drawn to build Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University into a world class university and a centre of excellence for aviation education and research that is focused at meeting industry needs and skill requirements.

    This University is the first of its kind in the country that has been established to promote aviation studies and research to achieve excellence in areas of aviation management, policy, science and technology, aviation environment, training in governing fields of safety and security regulations on aviation and other related fields to produce quality human resources to cater to the needs of the aviation sector that is witnessing a massive transformation and growth.

    The University is planning the launch of its flagship programme in 2018 at its campus in Fursatganj, Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. A number of Management Development Programmes have also been planned and shall be conducted in subsequent years. Mike Wallace Womens Jersey

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