• China’s top shale gas field Fuling to pump record 7 bcm in 2020

    China’s top shale gas field Fuling in the country’s southwest is expected to pump at a record 7 billion cubic metres (bcm) in 2020, as operator Sinopec Corp is set to add nearly 100 new production wells this year, according to a media report and a Sinopec official

    * The Fuling field currently has a total of 402 wells in production, pumping 17.755 million cubic metres of gas a day, according to a report published on Thursday on the Wechat platform of state-run Chongqing Oil & Gas Exchange, citing local paper Chongqing Daily

    * Forecast 2020 production at 7 bcm will represent an increase of about 16% over the field’s output in 2018, said a Sinopec official based in Fuling, in southwestern Chongqing city. The official also confirmed the number of new production wells planned for this year

    * China’s shale gas output could reach 280 bcm, or 23% of the country’s total gas output, by 2035, according to a top researcher at PetroChina. China last year produced about 10.9 bcm shale gas, less than 7% of the nation’s total gas output

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