• BSES gears up to meet Delhi’s winter power demand

    New Delhi, Peak power demand in Delhi this winter is expected to be around 4,500 MW-4,600 MW and the two BSES discoms in the national capital are gearing up to ensure adequate electricity is available during this period, the company said on Thursday.

    “Last year, power demand had peaked at around 4,125 MW. Besides long-term arrangements, we are also using advanced techniques like Banking and Backdown to dispose off surplus power and making arrangements to get power during summer months,” a statement here said.

    “In case of any unforeseeable contingency, BSES discoms will buy short-term power from the exchange which is available at economical rates,” it added.

    South and central Delhi areas, which come under BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. (BRPL), had seen the peak power demand of 1,829 MW last winter, that is expected to cross 1,900 MW this winter.

    “To reduce night surplus power, BRPL will bank surplus of around 200 MW with states like Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya,” a BSES official said.

    In east Delhi, the area under BSES Yamuna Power Ltd. (BYPL), peak demand had reached 890 MW during last winter and is expected to touch 950 MW mark during the coming winter months, according to the company.

    ” BYPL has arranged for an additional 150 MW from Punjab for December and January. To reduce the night surplus, BYPL will supply around 175 MW to Bihar between December and March,” the statement added. Phil Simms Womens Jersey

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