• AirAsia India seeks exemtion from foreign flying norms

    AirAsia India’s Malaysian partner has asked the Indian government to exempt the Indian subsidiary from the 0/20 foreign flying rule. The exemption request was made by Malaysian Business Council to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

    “If the exemption from 0/20 is guaranteed, we will start international flights in three months. The Malaysian carriers have exhausted bilateral entitlements and cannot add any more flights to India. Indian carriers, however, do not at all fly to Malaysia. Exemption to Air Asia India would help increase connectivity between India and Malaysia,” Datuk Kamaruddin Meranun, executive chairman AirAsia Berhad told reporters.

    According to the foreign flying norm, which was revised in June last year, any Indian carrier needs to operate a fleet of 20 aircraft in the country to become eligible to fly abroad. The airline can fly international from the 21st aircraft.  Clayton Stoner Authentic Jersey

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