• Air Fares show sharp dip in November

    The average fares on some of the busiest domestic air routes fell sharply in November as compared to the same period last year thanks to low fuel prices and airlines adding planes to their fleet.

    According to an analysis done by a leading travel portal, the average airfare in November was down by 4% to 30% as compared to November last year.

    Industry experts attribute the fall in ticket prices to low jet fuel prices and schedule airlines ramping up their fleets to corner a larger pie of the domestic market share.

    The Hyderabad-Bangalore sector witnessed the sharpest fall in fares of 29.9% while fares on the Pune-Bangalore sector fell by 17.7%. Delhi-Pune fares fell by 10.3% while Kolkata-Delhi fares were down by 13.8%. Fares on the Mumbai-Delhi, Goa- Mumbai and Chennai- Mumbai sectors also witnessed sharp decline.

    “Those who book in advance will travel cheap whether it’s the lean season or the peak season,” said aviation expert Rajji Rai.

    Average Fare – Top
    11 Sector

    Sector Nov’16 Nov’15 % of change
    BOMBAY-DELHI 4,484 4,666 -3.9%
    DELHI-BANGALORE 4,689 5,401 -13.2%
    BOMBAY-BANGALORE 3,555 3,376 5.3%
    DELHI-PUNE 4,571 5,096 -10.3%
    HYDERABAD-BANGALORE 2,408 3,435 -29.9%
    GOA-BOMBAY 3,493 3,697 -5.5%
    DELHI-HYDERABAD 4,307 3,929 9.6%
    KOLKATA-DELHI 4,502 5,224 -13.8%
    CHENNAI-BOMBAY 4,209 4,451 -5.4%
    DELHI-CHENNAI 5,042 4,944 2.0%
    PUNE-BANGALORE 2,807 3,412 -17.7% Linval Joseph Womens Jersey

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