• 25 GW Gas-based power plant capacity idle in India due to price fluctuation: VK Saraswat

    Some 25GW gas-based power plants are lying idle in India due to price fluctuations, according to VK Saraswat, member of Niti Aayog.

    According to him, India cannot be an entirely gas based economy due to a higher degree of import dependence. Saraswat was in Uvarsad, Gandhinagar on Saturday to deliver the keynote address at the opening ceremony of ChhatrNiti Aayog organised by Karnavati University.

    “Even though gas is widely used today for piped natural gas, compressed natural gas and other applications, gas cannot be the solution to India’s energy transition needs. Gas resources from Krishna Basin and other basins are not affordable. Assuming that we will have a huge gas resource in India, we set up a large number of gas based power plants. However, we must realise 25GW of gas-based plants are currently idle due to price fluctuations,” Saraswat explained, speaking to TOI after the event.

    “In recent times, we can blame the Russia-Ukraine war for the fluctuation in gas prices. Earlier, gas was so unaffordable that even fertiliser plants could not run efficiently,” he explained.

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